Jun Sun

Partner China Operations

A Chinese National, Jun Sun has a Marketing Master Degree from Cranfield University, United Kingdom. Jun has spent most of her career working internationally and has experience in many industries. Jun possesses excellent written and verbal English skills, is technically astute and has utilized her talents in Business and Marketing Development for Chinese and US/UK firms. She has deep knowledge on China regulations and manages relations with CUBD clients throughout the engagement. Jun has more than 10 years of working experience with international projects.


Hulian Yin

Medical Doctor

Dr. Yin advises and leads the Digital Health practice of CUBD including market development within the Chinese medical segment. Dr. Yin has over 30 years of experience working for both Chinese and U.S. hospitals and medical schools. After receiving her M.D. in immunology in 1982, she began teaching medicine and in 1993, she became associate professor at the prestigious Sen-Yat-Sen University in Guangzhou, China. She came to the United States in 1999 as a visiting scientist for the University of Cincinnati. Her various research projects included work in lung cancer, diabetes, and optic nerve development. The next year, she received her permanent resident status under the EB-1 (outstanding researcher) category. Dr. Yin is also a certified nutritional consultant helping clients live happier, healthier lives. Dr. Yin has clients throughout the United States as well as in China, Singapore, and New Zealand.



Simpson Tian

USA Controller

Simpson has an accounting degree from Amoy University in Xiamen, Fujian Province, China and is a US Citizen with more than 30 years of China-USA experience.

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