Successfully expand into the world’s largest market for goods & services

CUBD provides corporate and business development services focused on market expansion and outsourcing. We assist the small to medium enterprise (SME) to open doors, close deals, fast-track market expansion, and outsource resources to China.

China’s business potential grows every day, and you cannot ignore the economic impact of the worlds second largest economy. Whether you are an entrepreneur or C-level executive at a mid-sized firm, CUBD will design an effective China business development and/or corporate development plan to match your strategic goals. We use our own China and US based staff, and our wide network of Chinese business and government relationships and knowledge and experience with Chinese laws and regulations, to fast track your time to market, mitigate your risks, and significantly reduce your initial investment.

Selling in China

Reaching the Chinese market is complex. CUBD can help you develop China distributor and China sales channels on a national or provincial scale. Learn how to navigate this localized and fragmented market to reach your target audience.
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Employee Hosting and Outsourcing Services

Successful outsourcing to China requires the right Chinese outsourcing partner. For larger projects, we’ll help you find and evaluate qualified Chinese outsourcing suppliers. For smaller projects, we also provide turnkey hosting services that include recruiting, HR, accounting, and office and technology rental for as few as one employee. This enables you to try the outsource model before investing. Contact us for our four free Chinese outsourcing provider databases.
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China Business Development

Business in China is based on relationships first. Once our analysis of your needs is complete, our extensive network of Chinese business and government connections will get you shaking hands with the right people right away.

Our China business development services include:

China-US VPN Service

Connect voice and data from your US to China offices with our CU-VPN service using Internet Protocol Secured (IPsec) VPN through our dedicated IPLC (International Private Leased Circuit) across the ocean.
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China Market Research

Expanding your market into China requires thorough research of current Chinese market conditions and relevant industry-specific Chinese regulations.CUBD saves time and money for small and medium enterprises that want to expand into China.
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China Regulatory Review Service

Our Chinese law and regulatory review service includes industry-specific information on China the latest Chinese laws and regulations that may impact your business. Learn the Chinese rules of engagement before you invest.
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China Industry Database Lists

Get the inside story on 40 different Chinese economic sectors from architecture to venture capitalists. CUBD has an inventory of database lists relevant to many Chinese industries. We can also create a custom database on your specific requirements.
Get Comprehensive Information about Chinese Competitors and Potential Partners in Your Industry

China Trade Show / Exhibition Service

Trade shows are an excellent method to quickly measure an industry or market requirement. CUBD can provide staff to assist and/or represent your company at trade shows in China, or can send staff (directed by you) to a trade show to gather information and leads.

China Company Formation

Doing business with China means choosing the most suitable China corporate structure from Local PRC entities to Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprises (WOFE). We help you select the right China company form for today and as you grow into tomorrow.

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