Instant China Office

We offer foreign companies immediate entry to the China market by way of working under the auspices of our Chinese entity. We will recruit and host your employees in our China offices or rent our address to you as a representative office. Services include recruiting, payroll management, office space, and technology infrastructure. We offer these legally compliant services thus saving your company significant time, effort, legal and other related costs thus allowing your company to immediately hit the ground running in China.

Our INSTANT OFFICE is less costly than service offices and includes the ability to legally hire China based employees. INSTANT OFFICE can be a temporary solution while you test the market or long term/low cost solution to your overall China strategy.

Sample Clients

  • A USA remote database management company sought to expand their reach in China to support USA customers. They goal was to locate resources to build their engineering team in order to save costs and provide around-the-clock support to their global customers.
  • A USA metro Wi-Fi manufacturer needed to establish an R&D team in China quickly. CUBD provided the company recruiting, HR, accounting, office space, and technology for a team of 40 engineers in a matter of weeks. This interim step enabled the company to gain an instant presence in Shenzhen while they worked to established permanent PRC company status. CUBD minimized the time and risk needed to enter into the China business climate. Thanks to the acceleration provided by CUBD, the company was able to build a high-tech team in Shenzhen of over 200 personnel within two years.

Since 2004, we’ve been helping companies cost effectively establish footholds in China. With our INSTANT OFFICE, now you can launch in China for as little as $300 per month for a legal address listing or recruit and host your employees in our Shenzhen or Guangzhou office.

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